Policies on Quality, Environmental Management and Health and Safety at Work

Pinturas Isaval, as an organization dedicated to the design, development, production and commercialization of water-based and solvent-based decorative paints commits itself to complying with the policies on quality, environmental management and health and safety at work mentioned in this section, whose objective is to develop and improve its Management System. We have a commitment to society for the prevention of pollution and compliance with the current environmental regulations.


This commitment is expressed in this “Corporate Policy”, which is mainly based on the following guidelines:

Compliance with the current legislation

  • Enforcing compliance with the current applicable legislation in the execution of our activity.
  • Maintaining the implemented Management System, which is based on the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Updating manuals, procedures instructions and registers.
  • Carrying out regular internal audits of the Management System demonstrating its correct adequacy.

Customer satisfaction

  • Understanding the needs and expectations of our customers in order to meet their requirements.
  • Responding to possible complaints arising from our activity as a way to solve the customer dissatisfaction.
  • Raising awareness among our staff of the customers’ needs in order to provide those customers with the best solutions.

Setting objectives, targets and programs

  • Providing the necessary resources to achieve the established objectives for quality, environment and SST.
  • Carrying out regular monitoring of those objectives through indicators established for that purpose, in order to ensure continuous improvement.

Staff involvement

  • Continuous training of all staff involved in our activities by implementing training  and qualification plans in order to adapt to new technologies and systems. Effectiveness of those actions is assessed.
  • Motivating detection of preventive actions in order to avoid deviations throughout the development of the activity.
  • Promoting consultation, active participation and involvement of the staff in managing and achieving the Management System objectives.

Health Protection and Integrity of Staff

  • Commitment to injury prevention and deterioration of health.
  • Complying with the applicable legislation with regard to the prevention of occupational risks.
  • Integrating the prevention of occupational risks with the rest of activities of the organization.
  • Promoting the staff participation in the development of preventive actions with regard to occupational risks.
  • Assessing the risks to which workers are exposed resulting from the activity performance in order to take the necessary preventive measures to eliminate or reduce risks.
  • Finding out those situations in which a negative effect could be produced to the workers’ health, identifying the causes and taking the necessary measures to avoid those situation be produced again.
  • Encouraging the external staff operating under our name to put the necessary preventive measures into practice.

Conservation of the environment:

  • Complying with the current legislation with regard to the environment.
  • Sensitising, training and raising awareness among the staff to have respect for the environment.
  • Encouraging the external staff operating under our name to be environmentally friendly.
  • Preventing pollution by rationally using resources and thus reducing consumption and emissions to the atmosphere.
  • Managing the selective collection of waste to make recycling easier.

– We are committed to ensuring production of all items for protecting and repairing concrete complying with the EN 1504 Standard requirements ((UE) 305/2011 Regulations).

– We are committed to ensuring that interior paints Duin, Isaclean and Espacios meet all the requirements specified in the Decision of the Commission dated on 13/08/2008 and in the Decision of the Commission dated on 28/05/2014, for which the ecological criteria are set for the award of the community eco-label for interior paints and varnish.

Pinturas Isaval Management team aims at revising and modifying, if required, this corporate policy regularly, ensuring that all paragraphs referred are in force, that its content is in line with the company’s objectives as well as with our customers’ expectations and needs.

Ribarroja del Turia, 9 septiembre 2014.

Signed: General Director.