Rhonaplac Juntas. Enlucido juntas para fraguado medio y para capa de agarre de Pinturas Isaval

Technical Documents

Rhonaplac® Adhesive

Powdered plaster for anchoring plasterboards to the surface.

Glue paste for installing plasterboard and PYL on absorbent and directly lined walls. RHONAPLAC ADHESIVE has excellent adhesive qualities with plaster, cement, traditional plastic paint, gypsum and any other traditional masonry surface with a certain level of absorption.
Drying time
Concrete: 4-5 h / Paint: 4-5 h / Cast: 4-5 h (Thickness: 2 mm).
1,8-3 kg/m² (variable depending on the number of pellets used and the size of the board.).
5 kg, 15 kg