Matte plastic paint of excellent quality, extraordinary whiteness and covering.

Duin ecological matt

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY matt plastic paint. Respond all the requirements established in the “GREEN BUILDING”, offering the highest possible score for BREEAM and / or LEED certifications.

Imper PU Roof coating

Elastic waterproofing coating in thick layered polyurethane, designed to prevent water infiltration, presenting excellent resistance to the outside.

Inoxmel Base

Mono-component multi-purpose primer with outstanding adherence on a wide range of surfaces. Anti-rust.

Reviquarz G-20

Homogeneous grain mineral acrylic mortar for waterproofing and decoration of façades and interiors.

Rhona MA-510

Self-levelling coating 5 to 15 mm thick, with high mechanical strength and strong adhesion to the application base.

Rhonaplac® Joints

Medium-setting, interior-use powdered plaster for filling plasterboard joints using cellulose or fibre tapes.