Organic wall paint based on aerial lime and selected aggregates for interior or exterior use, mineral matt appearance, high breathability and protective characteristics against microbiological attacks.


Matte plastic paint of excellent quality, extraordinary whiteness and covering.

Duin ecological matt

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY matt plastic paint. Respond all the requirements established in the “GREEN BUILDING”, offering the highest possible score for BREEAM and / or LEED certifications.

Imper PU Roof coating

Elastic waterproofing coating in thick layered polyurethane, designed to prevent water infiltration, presenting excellent resistance to the outside.

Inoxmel Base

Mono-component multi-purpose primer with outstanding adherence on a wide range of surfaces. Anti-rust.

Reviquarz G-20

Homogeneous grain mineral acrylic mortar for waterproofing and decoration of façades and interiors.

Rhona MA-510

Self-levelling coating 5 to 15 mm thick, with high mechanical strength and strong adhesion to the application base.