Brisa marine varnish

Shiny varnish made from special alkyd resins to meet the highest demands in terms of resistance to atmospheric agents, shine retention, chalking, etc.

Isapol gloss parquet

Single-component polyurethane varnish. High resistance to abrasion, impacts, and cleaning products.

Xanol ® adverse weather

Open-pore lasur finished., ideal for decoration and protection of wood exposed to bad weather in extreme conditions. Withstands the harmful effects of bad weather.

Xanol ® cleaner

Powerful cleaner for woods stained or creped by external agents such as rain, pollution, UV rays, etc.

Xanol ® impregnation primer

Open-pore base for interior and exterior wood. Tannins blocked effect. Ideal for protection as part of restoration work or on new wood.

Xanol ® lasur

Open-pore satin-finish wood stain, designed for decorating and protecting wood exposed to the elements.

Xanol ® parquet flooring

High-quality water-based single-component polyurethane varnish with great hardness, resistance to abrasion, quick drying, and easy application.

Xanol ® sealant

Water-based alkyd sealant with excellent sealing and filling properties.