Acquapox epoxy paint

Highly opaque acrylic paint with excellent adhesion, resistance to wet scrubbing, and alkalinity resistance of the substrates.

Acquasell epoxy sealant

Two-component water-based epoxy sealant. Odourless. It does not contain organic solvents.

Coloured quartz

Coloured aggregate for creating decorative paving by sprinkling and then fixing with Isalpox multicoat.

Isalpox multicoat

Two-component epoxy fluid resin for floors. Transparent. Coloured quartz system sealant coat and multicolour chip finish.

Isalpox two-component epoxy

Two-component epoxy paint, especially recommended for the protection and decoration of floors in car parks, industrial areas…

Chips multicolor chips

Coloured plastic chips. Mixture of chips of various colours for decorating paving. The decorative effect is obtained…