Acqua-roc Brick varnish

Water-based waterproofing varnish for application on natural stone, facing brick, render, concrete, and in general, absorbent mineral substrates.

Aislant non-drip

Elastic coating ideal for waterproofing any type of wall or traffic-bearing surfaces.


Exterior coating made from maximum quality silicone resin for decorating and waterproofing façades. Allows breathability of the surface.

Caoval Lime paint

Organic wall paint based on aerial lime and selected aggregates for interior or exterior use, mineral matt appearance, high breathability and protective characteristics against microbiological attacks.

Extreme non-drip

Elastic waterproofing coating ideal for any type of vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Fixacril Solvent-based fixer

Acrylic primer in highly penetrating solution for consolidating and sealing porous surfaces or surfaces in very poor condition and with chalking problems.