Organic wall paint based on aerial lime and selected aggregates for interior or exterior use, mineral matt appearance, high breathability and protective characteristics against microbiological attacks. Indicated for conservation work and restoration of the appearance of surfaces of great historical value. Respond all the requirements established in the “GREEN BUILDING”, offering the highest possible score for BREEAM and / or LEED certifications.

Especially suitable for indoor and outdoor use on buildings where a mineral finish is required, on lime plaster, cement-lime, plasterboard and plaster. It is also recommended for conservation and recovery works on farms, monuments, historic centres and cultural or heritage buildings in which respect for traditional finishes and high breathability are required.
Substrate preparation
Siltop Concentrado o Fixenol.
Drying time
To touch: 30 min / Second coat: 3-4 h / Total: 15-20 days
7-10 m²/L
4 L, 15 L