Bianco matt plus

Acrylic matt ideal for new builds. Exceptional price-quality ratio.

Bianco matt basic

Plastic paint with high level of whiteness and coverage. Designed for interior decoration.


Matte plastic paint of excellent quality, extraordinary whiteness and covering.

Coral satin

High gloss, coverage, and whiteness satin plastic.


Mono-component acrylic matt varnish for protection and treatment of chalk effect on walls.

Crème de Satin

Plastic paint, based on vinyl copolymers in aqueous dispersion, excellent quality and pleasant silky touch for interior and exterior decoration and protection.

Cubrex SB20

Washable matt acrylic paint with high opacity and whiteness and easy application.

Duin ecological matt

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY matt plastic paint. Respond all the requirements established in the “GREEN BUILDING”, offering the highest possible score for BREEAM and / or LEED certifications.

Elba matt plastic

Vinyl emulsion for matte decorations with high washability, matching and coverage requirements.