Imprex Acqua 2 comp.

Two-component water-based epoxy anti-rust primer. No odour, does not contain organic solvents.

Imprex HS

High solids and high performance epoxy primer with excellent adhesion on different surfaces.

Imprex RZ

Two component epoxy polyamide primer with a zinc content of 80% by weight, on dry film solids.

Improxy antirust primer

Quick-dry antirust primer with a base of alkyd resin and latest-generation anti-corrosive pigments.

Isalnox ® multiadhesive primer

Universal primer, quick drying with extraordinary adhesion on any type of metallic and non-metallic surfaces as well as PVC. Anti-rust.

SI 1000 unleaded minium

Fast-drying UNLEADED anticorrosive minium based on alkyd resins and the latest anticorrosive pigments. Excellent metal protection against oxidation in urban and industrial environments.