Imprex 2 component epoxy primer

Anti-corrosive epoxy-polyamide primer for all surfaces that must be finished with further coats of epoxy, polyurethane, or synthetics.

Improxy antirust primer

Quick-dry antirust primer with a base of alkyd resin and latest-generation anti-corrosive pigments.

Isalnox ® multiadhesive primer

Universal primer, quick drying with extraordinary adhesion on any type of metallic and non-metallic surfaces as well as PVC. Anti-rust.

SI 1000 unleaded minium

Fast-drying UNLEADED anticorrosive minium based on alkyd resins and the latest anticorrosive pigments. Excellent metal protection against oxidation in urban and industrial environments.

Xanol ® sealant

Water-based alkyd sealant paint with excellent sealing and filling properties. Easy to sand.