Rhonaplast Renovación. Enlucido regulación de Pinturas Isaval

Technical Documents

Rhonaplast ® renovation

Indoor filler in powder especially indicated to apply on thick coat ton irregular surfaces. Permit smoothing of textured coatings like stippled paint, striped paint, sacking, etc. laminated or not.

Indoor uses. Cover on thick coat on irregular surfaces. Permit smoothing of surfaces with stippled paint, striped paint, laminated or not laminated sacking. Fill in flacking or cracking and more irregularities. Excellent adherence on plasters, cement, plaster, Wood, painted surfaces,… Permit repaint before drying without repelling.
Drying time
(1 mm thickness): Concrete: 4 – 5 h / Paint: 6 – 7 h / Plaster: 4 – 5 h.
5 Kg, 15 Kg.