Rhonaplast ® fillings

Powdered coating for interior use especially prepared for the filling and capping of non-structural cracks and cavities…

Rhonaplast ® finishing

Indoor smooth coat filler in powder specially indicated as ultimate preparation before painting. Ideal filler for surfaces in gypsum, wood, chipboard, paint,… Good sanding.

Rhonaplast ® outdoor

Filler in powder form for reparation of cracks and fissures. Smoothing surfaces of concrete or floated mortar, both indoor and outdoor.

Rhonaplast ® renovation

Indoor filler in powder especially indicated to apply on thick coat ton irregular surfaces. Permit smoothing of…

Rhonaplast ® standard

Indoor filler in powder especially indicated to filling and repairing all kind of irregularities. Very white and excellent open time.

Rhonaplast ® tile covering

Powdered plaster intended for the covering of ceramic surfaces on vertical surfaces both inside and outside.